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I’m Louis Lagache, a french game developer & interactive developer based in Annecy, Haute-Savoie. I’m currently lead-developer on the video game A Cairn Tale and i’m looking for freelance missions for Web and Unity projects.

Self-taught Unity developer since 2016, with more than a dozen games and prototypes developed as part of game jams (Ludum Dare, Heart Jam...), school or personal projects. I am able to develop mechanics in C#, create complex renderings with shaders and make custom tools directly integrated into the engine. I was Full Stack Developer in a web agency for 3 years, where I was able to work on tailor-made showcase sites with advanced layouts and animations for major Parisian luxury brands, but also for web and mobile applications. I also hold a Master's degree in interactive engineering obtained at Les Gobelins, Paris in 2021, where I was able to strengthen my skills on Unity and learn the ropes of Creative Development.


A Cairn Tale

Game - Today

Unity, Shader Graph, C#, HLSL

A Cairn Tale is an upcoming 3rd person mountaineering video game in which you explore monumental and dreamlike environments, during an adventure alternating between shadow and light.

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Moving Meditations

Animation 3D - 2022

Unity, Blender, HLSL, C#, DaVinci Resolve

Moving Meditations is an animated 3D Render made for the Clint Jones's Render Challenge. This animation was part of the top 100.

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Space Ballet

Interactive Experience - 2022

Web Audio API, Canvas2D, GSAP

Space Ballet is an interactive audio vizualizer. It feature a fake 3D solar system bouncing along the beat of the music. This project was originaly made in 2019 but was remade from the ground up in 2022.

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La Box Office

Game - 2020

Unity, Shader Graph, C#, HLSL

La Box Office is a multiplayer couch-play party game, cooperative (but not too much), where you have to manage a startup.
You’ll be judged by the Chief of Lay-offs who has some questionnable criteria…
Collaborate to survive, but remember, only the best colleague will keep their job!

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Website - 2020

Wordpress, GSAP, HTML, SCSS

SAGAM International is the security leader in Senegal and West Africa. We developed an handcrafted wordpress theme with an immersive landing page to help them sell their services. This project was made as employee of Creano, Paris.

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Wormhole Radio

Interactive Experience - 2019

Web Audio API, three.js, GLSL, webpack

Wormhole Radio is an experimental web radio and audio visualizer. It consists of an interactive Mondrian grid. Each cell displays various effects consisting of video archives, motion and shaders reacting to a hand-curated techno playlist.

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Website - 2019

Wordpress, GSAP, HTML, SCSS

Olympp.fr is a showcase website for a digital services company. We developed an handcrafted wordpress theme with an immersive animations to help them recruit new talents. This project was made as employee of Creano, Paris.

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O2 Die

Game - 2018

Unity, C#

O2 Die is game realized during the Heart Jam 2018 in 72hours. You play a miner who has fallen into the deepest underground of a mine. There is no more oxygen, but things are roaming in the dark... You will need to manage your oxygen because it is consumed by your flamethrower and your light.

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