A comprehensive list of resources, videos, and discussions that I have watched, read, or inspired me on my game development journey.

Youtube channels

There is a lot of really cool channels out there

  • Game Maker’s Toolkit : the best game design channel. This is an in-depth analysis of known gaming systems, with developers interviews and more. It really deserves a look.
  • Mental checkpoint : a channel by the creator of “Move Or Die” with quality content similar to GMTK
  • AI and Games : a channel that analyzes the AI ​​of different known games on their technical and creative aspects.
  • Extra Credits : a very good quality channel that talks about game design. There are almost 400 videos so there's something for everyone.
  • GDC : the official channel of the game developer conference, you can find talk about every aspect of game developement
  • Ars Technica - Wars Stories : A series of video about talking about the development of famous games and how they fixed major problems that could have made them fail


I didn't read a lot of game design books but hopefully this section will grow in the future

Cool videos and talks

A list of videos and talks, that I particulary enjoyed or found inspiring


To be continued...