People always ask me to give them my resources and recommendations to begin with Unity,
so here is my personnal Unity Ultimate Resources Guide ™

Documentation :

Everything start with a documentation

Troubleshouting :

When the doc doesn't have the answer...

  • Unity Forum : Unity has the biggest game dev community, it's really helpfull
  • Unity Answers : Stack Overflow but for Unity, if you have any problem it's probably solved here


The best places to learn

  • Code Monkey : The best tutorial youtube channel for Unity, I highly recommend to follow the Intermediate/Beginner Course
  • Unity Learn : The official Unity tutorials, a lot are outdated but there is some good ones
  • Unity Youtube Channel : It contains some tutorial, as well as the official annoncements
  • Brackeys : The channel was stop few years ago, but it was a really great channel for beginners
  • Tarodev : It features a lot tips, small tutorials and really good best practices
  • InfallibleCode : A lot of code best practices and design paterns tutorial in here
  • Freya Holmer : Math for gamedev made "easy" to understand, I also recommend to follow her on Twitter
  • Catlike Coding : Techart tutorials for Unity


A list of random stuff, you can find useful